Sir Victor Vinziant

Sir Victor Vinziant

Veteran, Author, Real Estate Investor,
STR Professional, Creator, Artist

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I served honorably in the US ARMY for 12 years, my books follow the in-depth of my journey and inner thoughts

The Code

My first book, A Blueprint to Achieving Solidarity Among Reasonable Black People

The Business of "Me"

My second book, Illuminating the Past to Bring Change to my Future

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This is what I’m here to do and I intend to own it. I’m here for Productive conversations and literature. We need conflict resolution in our community.

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Prepare for your video consultation by considering what you want your life to look like.

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Find more helpful content by following my great colleague Mr. Garflield Marting, he's also on a mission to redefine masculinity and support men on their journey toward growth and self-improvement.

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